Responsibilities & Initiatives

Institutional responsibilities

2018-, Co-organizer of bi-monthly institute meetings with a thematic input, Department of Criminology and Sociology of Law, University of Oslo

2020, Member of the Hiring Committee for PhD students at the Department of Criminology and Sociology of Law, University of Oslo

2020, Open Day at Oslo University: Å hacke overvåking/Hacking Surveillance. Lecture on behalf of the Department of Criminology and Sociology of Law, University of Oslo. Evaluated as a favourite lecture of the audience. 

2018, Organizer of four research meetings about Critique and Critical Theory funded by the Department of Criminology and Sociology of Law, University of Oslo

2012-2016, Leader of the Security Research Group, Peace Research Institute Oslo, Responsibilities for different sub-projects and working groups

2013, Head of Hiring Committee for Research Assistance at PRIO, Oslo

2012, Member of Hiring Committee for Administrative support of Security Research at the Peace Research Institute Oslo

Commissions of Trust


Ongoing, Peer-Reviewing Activities for Journals (for example European Journal of Social Theory, New Media & Society, Security Dialogue, Big Data & Society, Behemoth, European Journal of International Security, Journal of Military Ethics, International Political Sociology, Acta Sociologica, First Monday, Contemporary Political Theory, The International Journal for Crime, Justice and Social Democracy, Culture Machine etc.)

Ongoing, Peer-Reviewing Activities for Palgrave Pivot

2020- Member of the Advisory Board for the NordForsk-funded project Critical Understanding of Predictive Policing (CUPP)

2020, Expert consultation on Equality and AI for the Norwegian Gender Equality and Anti-Discrimination Ombudsmann

2020, Consultations on DNA and Technology in Forensic Work at the Norwegian Biotechnology Advisory Board

2020, Comments on Framework Program Horizon Europe 2021-22, “Cluster 3: Civil Security for Society”

2017, Consultations on Security and Data Politics at a meeting between Norway’s Crown Princess Mette Marit and Google’s Jared Cohen (CEO of Jigsaw)

On invitation, Consultations for the Norwegian Department of Justice and Preparedness

2014-2016, Review Article Editor, Security Dialogue

Organization of Scientific Meetings (Selected)


2020, Main organizer: Digital Brains. Neuroscience, Philosophy and Law in Conversation. National Research Days/Forskningsdagene. Kulturhuset, University of Oslo

2018, Main organizer: Data, Security, Values: Vocations and Visions of Data Analysis, International Conference by the Nordic Centre for Security Technologies and Societal Values and the Peace Research Institute Oslo, December 2018; Oslo

2018, Main organizer: Digital Data in Police and Intelligence Work, featuring the Financial Intelligence Unit and the Intelligence Police Oslo, International Expert Workshop for the ‘Critical Data Network’, University of Oslo

2018, Main organizer: Digital Data in Brain Research, featuring the Interdisciplinary Natural Science Research Project DIGIbrain, International Expert Workshop for the ‘Critical Data Network’, University of Oslo

2018, Main organizer: Digital Data in the Media, featuring the Norwegian Public Broadcaster NRK/NRKbeta, International Expert Workshop for the ‘Critical Data Network’, University of Oslo

2018, Main organizer: Screening of the documentary “Røverdatter”– a film about those who are affected by the imprisonment of family members, followed by a panel debate with representatives from related Norwegian institutions and authorities

2017, Co-organizer: Communicating Risk in the Digital Age: Dilemmas and Opportunities Presented to Authorities and the Public, Research and Policy Seminar; PRIO, Oslo 

2016, Main organizer: The Digital is Political, Isn't It?, Research Seminar; PRIO, Oslo

2016, Co-organizer: Artificial Police Agents: Looking Awry, Research Seminar; PRIO, Oslo

2016, Co-organizer: User-Generated Digital Content and New Forms of Risk Management, Research Seminar; PRIO, Oslo

2015, Main organizer: Bringing the “Cloud” Down to Earth, Research Seminar; PRIO, Oslo 

2015, Co-Organizer: From Innovation to Imposition: How Technology is Shaping EU Security Policy and Transforming European Values, Research Seminar; PRIO, Oslo

2015, Main organizer: Social Media in Crisis Management, Research Seminar; PRIO, Oslo

2014, Co-Organizer: Terror og risikokommunikasjon, Research Seminar; PRIO, Oslo

2013, Co-Organizer: Drones for Search and Rescue Operations?, Research and Policy Seminar;  PRIO, Oslo

2012 - 2015, Main organizer: Visits of the Leadership Academy of the Germany Military at PRIO; Policy Seminar; PRIO, Oslo